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We grow two different varieties of eggplant.

Irene is a traditional large, dark purple "Italian" type of eggplant.  Great for eggplant parmesean.  Irene is a variety that is resistant to verticillium, a disease that we have in our soil and is very hard on eggplant.  This variety allows us to produce eggplant for a longer period of time.

Dancer is a light purple variety with less of the eggplant bitterness you can find the larger "Italian" types.   It is thinner and smaller in size than the Irene. 

Pepper: Bell or Sweet
Alliance Bell Pepper

Alliance Bell Peppers are large green peppers that turn to red.  We like the Alliance variety because it has a good disease resistance and produces a very large, good tasting pepper. 


Carmen peppers are an "Italia" variety of sweet peppers.  It is a long, red pepper that is great raw in salads, cooked in many dishes, and roasted.  You can also chop the peppers and freeze for use in the winter. 

Pepper: Hot
Hot Peppers

We grow a few different hot peppers to add flavor and spice to your recipes. 

Mariachi is the very colorful yellow, red, and orange pepper.  It is only slightly hot and has a good flavor for those of you who enjoy the hot pepper flavor without the hot pepper bite. 

El Jefe is a jalapeno pepper variety that produces a large pepper and is high yielding. 

We grow a poblano variety called Tiburon.  Poblanos are great for stuffing to make chiles rellenos.  They are a larger hot pepper that are dark green to almost black in color.  When dark green/black they can be peeled and roasted to be used in southwestern dishes.

Numex Joe E. Parker is an anaheim pepper.  Anaheims can also be used to chiles rellenos.  they are a long, light green pepper with a slight heat and a great flavor. 

Golden Rave

Golden Rave is a small, yellow plum tomato.  It is similar to a Juliet tomato in that it can be eaten fresh in salads or used for making sauce.  Yellow tomatoes are less acidic than red tomatoes so these small tomatoes have a milder taste than a red tomato.


We see Juliet tomatoes as a cross between a cherry tomato and a plum tomato.  It is shaped like a large grape tomato.  It is resistant to a lot of tomato diseases and you can harvest from the plants for a long time.  We like to use it raw in salads and cooked in sauces and other dishes.

Plum Tomatoes

We grow a few different plum tomatoes.  San Marzano is the old-time variety from Italy that produces a long, thin plum tomato with excellent flavor.  We also grow BHN-901 for a tasty yellow plum tomato. 

Specialty Tomatoes

Conestoga is an heirloom-like hybrid tomato.  It has the look and taste of an heirloom but has disease resistance and a more reliable harvest than the open pollinated heirlooms. 

Mountain Magic or what we like to call "Ping-Pong" tomatoes are ping-pong ball sized with a really wonderful flavor.  This variety is also very special because it is resistant to late blight that devistated the tomato and potato crops during the 2009 season.  The other tomatoes in the fields were brown and dying while the Mountain Magic tomato plants were bright green with an abundant harvest. 

Tomato, Slicing

We grow a wide variety of slicing or "beefsteak" tomatoes.  All of them are hybrids.  We choose to grow hybrid tomatoes because they are bred to be resistant to many of the diseases that can wipe out a tomato crop.  This disease resistance allows us to produce high quality and good tasting tomatoes with organic methods.  When we choose varities we look for tomatoes that can be harvested when ripe on the vine, have good flavor, good disease restitance, and can handle be trucked to your CSA site and arrive in good condition. 

The season starts with the early slicing tomatoes; Polbig and BHN-189.  Both varieties are bred for early season production and produce a smaller 6-8 oz tomato.  We grow a number of different BHN varieties troughout the season.  Although their names aren't pretty BHN varieties are disease resistant and good tasting.

The Midseason tomatoes are Celebrity, Royal Mountie, Sunshine, and BHN-826.  Celebrity is a reliabe variety that produces a very flavorful variety.  Royal Mountie is new to the farm for the 2010 season.  It is supposed to have a very good flavor and color. Royal Mountie doesn't crack at the top like some varieties do when they are harvest ripe.  Sunshine is a variety we have used for a number of seasons.  It is bred for the northeast and is resitant to many of the diseases that are a problem in our region.  BHN-826 is also a new variety for us. 

Our late season tomatoes are BHN 589, Fabulous, and RFT 6153.  BHN 589 is a very flavorful tomato as is Fabulous.  RFT 6153 is new to the farm for the 2010 season

Winter Squash
Winter Squash

We grow a few different types of winter squash.  We choose the varieties based on flavor, ability to store, and disease resistance.  We grow our winter squash in biodegradable corn-based plastic.  Growing the plants in plastic produces a much healthier plant and a much higher yield.

Delicata:  Delicata squash are the earliest winter squash.  You can eat the rind as well as the flesh.  They are long and skinny with yellow and green stripes.

Kabocha "Sunshine":  This is a bright orange squash with a deep orange flesh.  Kabocha types have a drier flesh than a butternut or acorn.  Sunshine is one of our favorite squash.

Buttercup "BonBon":  Buttercup squash are similar in texture and flavor to the kabocha but are green and have the button on the blossom end.  

Acorn squash:  We grow the traditional green acorn called "Royal Ace" and an orange and yellow striped acorn called "Celebration" for some variety.  Both store well for a later fall delivery.

Butternut:  Butternut is our long term storage squash that can be kept for eating all winter.  We grow a variety called "Chieftan".


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