Martin Van Buren and Roxbury Farm

Roxbury Farm owns and farms part of what was orginally the estate of Martin Van Buren, the eighth president of the United States.  The National Historic site for Martin Van Buren, operated by the National Park Service, is located right between the two farms that make up Roxbury Farm.  In the winter of 2010, Open Space Institute, Roxbury Farm, and the National Park service began working on a unique relationship to expand the educational opportunities of the park to include sustainable agriculture.  We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to what this relationship can bring to our CSA and local communities. 

By reading about agriculture in the time period of Martin Van Buren we realized that there was a stream in agriculture that is very similar to our practices for building and sustaining soil.  Even then farmers were worried about depleted soil and were working on ways to improve their farming methods.  Jean-Paul created a slide show describing the similarities between Roxbury Farm and progressive farming in the 1850's.  Click below to watch the show.   

Farming Practices in the 1850's and Roxbury Farm

What's Available?

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